Vincent recovery

by Kate 17. July 2015 16:40
Fortunately, the higher levels of creantine weren't anything to worry about and Vincent's stent removal and PD cath removal went fine.  Just a small bandage covered the spot his tube once was.  From what his mom said, Vincent was on steriods for two weeks and told to "take it easy".&n... [More]

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Health Care Heroes

Bump in the road?

by Kate 11. July 2015 22:00
Vincent was doing great during recovery and had normal labs up until June 27 when he showed a higher-than-normal creatinine level. For those of you whom are questioning what that all means, creatinine is a major indicator of kidney function, and his level was just a hair above the range his has... [More]

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Health Care Heroes

Follow up..

by Kate 26. June 2015 14:40
  It's been six weeks since surgery.  I'm back at work, back to being Mommy 100% and back to socializing and acting like Katie, minus how quickly I get exhausted.  Vincent is doing wonderful.  He's gaining weight, he has a color back to him and his bloodwork and kidney function t... [More]

A visit to the emergency room.

by Kate 10. June 2015 02:04
Friday night was one of the most painful nights I had.  I woke up hysterical in pain throughout the whole night.  This was my first night sleeping without a nurse coming in and giving me medication for pain all night and day.  And the medicine they sent me home with was a lower amount... [More]

Release day! woo hoo!

by Kate 8. June 2015 16:00
Day Four of Recovery:  At this point I was starting to feel better.  I was getting up and walking more than I did since surgery.  I was able to have my catheter removed, my IV fluid and medication taken out and the possibility of being released!!!  I couldn't have been more ecsta... [More]

Recovery conti.

by Kate 6. June 2015 02:15
Day Three of Recovery:  After a rough second night of being tucked into my hospital bed with a new catheter and new IV on top of feeling like I was hit by a semi, I was exhausted in more than one way.  But if you've ever had to sleep in a hospital bed with no ability to move from laying on... [More]

Only two more days til surgery.....

by Kate 13. May 2015 16:00
After passing the "first round" of tests I was ready to move on to the next set. The next test is a scan of my anatomy to be sure everything is normal, it would be easy to remove, size and the blood vessels origin, etc etc. This is where most people end their journey of trying to be a donor. I sched... [More]

First appointment and everyone's reactions to my new news..

by Kate 11. May 2015 00:03
The SECOND I received the phone number to Vincent's nurses' in Nephrology I called to set up the first available appointment. I didn't care what day or time, I was willing to take off work if I had to, I was determined to find out as soon as I humanely could. Although I didn't know if we truly were ... [More]

Best thing to EVER come out of the typical work Christmas party...

by Kate 8. May 2015 23:30
Oh the annual work Christmas party.  Most people go just to show their face and then they discretely leave because no one truly wants to attend for more than an hour.  And initially this was our plan.  Go in, have a drink, say our hello's and leave.  When we got there I realized ... [More]

Only 7 days left til surgery. Follow my experience all the way up to surgery day. It's the final countdown!

by Kate 8. May 2015 02:00
As time carried on, my belly grew bigger and our relationship with Vincent, the five year old little boy I'm donating to, grew closer.  We saw them a few more times throughout my pregnancy.  We spent fourth of July at the same place as them and spent some summer nights at mutual friends. &... [More]

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