Five Steps to Keep Your Resolution on Track

by leslie 26. January 2012 13:24

It’s late January. Do you know where your healthy New Year’s Resolution is?  If you find yourself wavering, don’t despair.  Read these five easy tips to get back on track. 

1. Carefully consider your resolution:
Decide on one manageable habit that you really want to develop. Not two and not three.  Just one.  Keeping things simple is the first step to success. Then write it down (in ink!) and place it in a conspicuous place.  There’s your daily reminder.

2. Get real. 
Set yourself up for success. A surefire way to deflate your self is to set the bar too high. I’d like to wear a size 6 dress but that just ain’t gonna happen. So if attaining a healthy weight is on your list, strive for small measurable steps to feel successful. Don’t see lost weight or reduced inches?  Ask yourself if you just feel better.  You probably do. And that’s success.

3. Give yourself some time.
  Research indicates it takes us at least 21 days of effort to develop a new habit.  Yes, that’s continuous effort. If you pushed your resolution aside after day 10, just begin again. At the most, success is only three weeks away. 

4. Recruit supporters:
Tell your friends, the brutally honest ones, about your resolution and ask for their support. And you know who they are.  Mine is Lisa. Tall, determined and resolute, Lisa refuses to accept excuses and is the one I depend on to get me back on track.  Depend on this friend to be your ‘resolution rudder.’  Ask your friend to celebrate with you when you’ve achieved your goal. They will deserve credit too.

5. Love the one your with. 
So stop being so hard on yourself.  If you’ve slid behind in your healthy resolution don’t beat yourself up.  Just get back to basics and success will follow.

Here’s the easiest healthy resolution of all. I’ll even do it for you. 
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