Health and Wealth - It's on everyone's mind!

by Dr. B Healthy 4. March 2012 09:02

Michael BarberHealth and Wealth – both are surely on everyone’s mind now days.  We want them but they seem more and more elusive everyday.  TV, newspapers and magazines pelt us with bad news on both fronts – shrinking bank accounts and expanding waist lines!  Everyday we hit new financial lows and learn of another growing health crisis and shrinking health insurance coverage.  Where can we hide?  What can we do?

Since I know a lot more about staying healthy than I do about getting wealthy (just ask my wife about my lack of success in investing), I intend to stick to how can you and I stay healthy through these trying times.  If you focus your energies on staying healthy, you can minimize the amount of money you have to spend on healthcare treatment and be in good position to either stay on the job or get a job.

The first piece of advice -Try to stop worrying.  A tall order, I know.  Many people are staying glued to the TV, their computer or their cell phone to know what is going on in the financial markets and what is being done to fix them.  You have to ask yourself – is this making you feel better or worse? Are you making daily decisions based on what you read and hear?  What I recommend is not total ignorance but budget your exposure to all of this news to once a week.  Daily exposure leads to a lot of non productive worry and stress.  That stress can lead to unhealthy symptoms like not sleeping well to increasing your likelihood of developing serious heart disease and even some forms of cancer.

Write to me about how you are navigating these emotional and stressful times.  What would you like to see in future blogs about managing your world around you?

About Me
I am a family physician who is very interested in how people can help themselves and others be healthy and happy.  I am in the "sandwich" generation with aging parents and mother in law, and a blended family of four adult children.  I enjoy traveling with my wife and do a little woodworking when I have time.


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