He Said: Health Axiom #1: Drink Twice As Much Water As Everything Else

by Dr. B Healthy 12. May 2012 08:40

I do confess to be living on the dark side of the moon when it comes to social networking.  I am on LinkedIn and go there rarely, I am on Sermo which is a social networking site for physicians only ( talk about boooring posts and some times ugly pictures of lesions and stuff) and have been on FaceBook a few times.  I guess I am still stuck in the small mano-a-mano social networking mode.  Maybe this blog will get me going. Now to the topic at hand, what strategies do we and our 3 readers use to
keep us on the straight and narrow path to healthy habits?

I for one find that I do best with regular walking.  I jogged for a while a few decades ago, but gave it up after a while because I was doing it solo, hated jogging in bad weather and it hurt my feet and legs.  For quite a while, I did zippo, absolutely nothing in the way of regular exercise.  Then one day when I was transitioning jobs (I've done a lot of that in the last 20 years) I decided to dedicate myself to walking on most days.  One of the keys to my success has been to have a walking partner - which in this case
happens to be my lovely wife - to keep me company and honest.  The other approach that has helped me is having a treadmill (an el cheapo walking only model - I bought a demo model at Sears) so that I can continue to walk in bad weather and stay comfy inside and watch the news on the TV.  While not perfect, I walk 2 miles 4-5 times per week.

While I like your idea of drinking water on a regular basis, I am a little wary of trying it myself.  If I start drinking a lot of water, it is going to put a little too much stress on the old pr--tate.  The darn thing just keep getting bigger as a guy starts passing those decade birthdays and pinches off your bladder.  The result is periodic and unpredictable bladder spasms that can send you on a search for the nearest bathroom in a hurry.

You see, that is why older guys buy fast red sports cars; it is so that they can get to the nearest Taco Bell bathroom in a hurry.  Bet you thought it was for something else, didn't you.

I can't wait to see Health Axiom #2

Dr. B Healthy


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