7/27/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Monday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 27. July 2012 21:43

I promised you an example from my childhood when I was not such an avid exerciser...

My parents are still marveling at the fact that my husband and I hike every weekend.  My Mom has a degree in nutrition and growing up, she was an aerobics instructor.  I, however, had no hope of following the same path.  I was a huge Barbie's fan as a child and I spent large portions of the summer and after school playing with them.  As an only child I had to find ways to amuse myself.  

I was in kindergarten and off school for a snow day.  Of course, I was playing with my Barbie's.  It is funny how I can still remember this scenario to this day.  My Mom kept coming into my room to encourage me to play outside.  I had absolutely zero interest: that required getting up and moving.  Finally, my Mom decided enough was enough and exploded, " STOP BEING SO SEDENTARY!  Put on your snowsuit and don't come back until you have walked down our street and back," (which I might add, was the longest street with a HUGE hill...or at least it seemed that way to a kindergartner).  I cried the whole way there and back.  

Now we all laugh about that day and how I never forgot what the word sedentary meant.  That example may have sounded cruel but you have to understand my history - I was the most lethargic child growing up...and overweight.  My Mom was worried about me.  She never thought she would see the day when I would be blogging about my LOVE for healthy living!  Laughing  Do you have any stories such as these from your childhood?  I would love to hear them.   


Do I really measure out all the food I eat?  Until tomorrow...

Weight - 116.8 lbs.

Exercise - 40 mins. power walking



Breakfast - 

100 calorie whole wheat English Muffin

1/4 cup Break-free Eggs

1 Morning Star Veggie Sausage

1/2 cup fat-free organic milk


Lunch - 

1 Cedarlane low-fat Bean Burrito (1g fat, 260 cal,  490g sodium)


2 tbsp. fat-free ranch

6 oz. fat-free yogurt

Sugar-free jello

Snack - 


Dinner - 

Salad (mixed greens, croutons, tomatoes)

2 tbsp. Litehouse Ranch

Earth's Best Whole Grain Pizza (6g fat, 190 cal 380g sodium) 

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