8/29/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 29. August 2012 18:08

You know the times when you are out all day, haven't packed anything, exerted a lot of energy, and just feel sick with hunger?  Many times while we were moving and driving loads back and forth between the old and new house I was so busy carrying and unpacking that before I noticed it hunger had crept up on me.  There are moments when your body is telling you it needs more fuel.  Pay attention to your stomach and be aware of these moments because then it is not worth waiting until the "designated" meal.  I decided to stop at the gas station and buy a Powerade Zero, 97% fat-free spicy beef jerky, and some fat-free fruit snacks.  If you really are truly hungry trying to make a good choice when you are in a jam can be difficult.  Always get a zero (or very little amount) of calorie beverage (no sugar) and something low in fat but filled with protein (if you can) to help curb your appetite until the next meal. 

Weight -   116.2 lbs.

Exercise - 30 mins. power walking


Breakfast -

1/4 cup Break-free eggs

100 calorie whole wheat English Muffin

1 Morning Star Veggie Sausage


1/2 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch -

2 tbsp. hummus

2 slices whole wheat Heart Healthy Bread (with tomatoes and cucumbers)


2 tbsp. fat-free ranch

6 oz. fat-free yogurt

sugar-free jello

Snack -


Dinner -

2 oz. whole wheat pasta

2 oz. turkey burger

1 wedge laughing cow swiss cheese (melted)

Spray Butter

Snack -

Jenny Craig Chocolate Chip Snack Bar (140 cal, 3g fat)

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