10/6/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 6. October 2012 19:38

Do you gain weight before your period?  Many women do.  I, however, have such severe endometriosis that I haven't had a period since my late teens.  I am embarrassed to say I can hardly remember what the signs and symptoms are like.  Bloating due to water retention does frequently occur in most women before their period.  Typically women experience it in their abdomen, ankles, feet, hands, and even sometimes pain in their lower back.  The change in hormones causes water-retention to take place.  Ways that my JC consultant suggested avoiding water-retention:

- exercise to get the blood flowing

-avoid high sodium foods

-do eat high fiber foods

-drink lots of water

- try not to weigh yourself 1-3 days before menstruating because after your period the water weight does diminish 

 Search any YourCity.MD website to learn more.  

Weight - 119.2 lbs.

Exercise - 35 minutes of power walking and running


Breakfast - 

3/4 cup Bran Cereal

1/4 cup organic raisins

1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

Cedarlane Bean and Cheese Burrito


6 oz. fat-free yogurt

sugar-free jello

Snack - 


Dinner - 

2 oz. whole wheat pasta with:


-2 oz. grilled chicken

-1/4 cup Ragu light Parmesan Alfredo Dressing (5g fat)

Snack - 

Powerade Zero

100 calorie pack 

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