1/02/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 2. January 2013 20:52

 It's great to begin a new exercise plan for the approaching year of 2010.  If you can afford to join a gym, you can access great equipment and lively classes.  If that is not in your budget, try joining a neighborhood YMCA.

If your budget doesn't include a gym at all,  you can create a mini-gym in your home.  Try going to a second-hand workout store for some great deals.  Find bands, tubes or barbells at these discount stores.

You can get your heart rate pumping with fast, intense workouts like Spinning or just running sprints on your own.

It doesn't seem like much work, but it kept Jack Lelane fit...try jumping jacks or knee raises ( marching), or lunges.  If the weather is bad in your region, and you need 'friend time'...walk the mall.  It may make you feel old, but you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

1/2/10 - Saturday Workout:

Spinning bike- 30 minutes

1/2/10- Saturday Food Diary:


Apple (67 cal)

3/4 egg whites, 1 cup spinach(100 cal) 

whole wheat toast, 1 tbls. no sugar added jam (100 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 apple (59 cal)

12 organic, roasted no-salt almonds ( 120 cal)


4 oz salmon (240 cal)

Salad- 2 1/2  cups romaine, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 cup green beans, 4 asparagus spears (68 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1/3 cup non fat yogurt (40 cal)

1/8 cup non-fat cottage cheese(30 cal)

3 tbls blueberries (20 cal) 


5 oz shrimp, with pesto( 170 cal)

1/2 cup whole wheat corkscrew pasta(150cal)

1 cup steamed cauliflower (40 cal)


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