1/30/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 31. January 2013 09:33
Declutter: Part 1-

One avenue that helps you feel more healthy and uncluttered (mind and physical space), is to get your work and your families home space organized. 

For your home, use cubbies, hooks, sports equipment racks, and color coding on each child’s belongings to encourage them to be responsible for their own belongings.  Create a dry erase board, or a ‘to-do’ poster for your kids to remind them of their daily chores and what needs to be cleaned up by them.  Buy accordion folders to have your children to put their weekly school papers and art in from their backpacks.  Then you can go through them together out of their backpacks for you to through together at a designated time.

Take extra rarely used appliances out of your kitchen and store them (labeled) in a basement or closet.  A cleaner counter is a relief to the eyes and mind!

Work together as a family to control laundry issues.  Teach them young that it’s everyone’s responsibilities to help with folding and putting away their clothes (plus, for me, if a shirt or socks comes to the laundry in-side-out, then that’s the way it is returned!).

By organizing your home space, and encouraging your family to do their part, it frees you up to prepare healthy, clean eating meals for everyone and to find the time to exercise.


 1/30- Saturday Workout :


1/ 30- Saturday Food Diary:


1/3 cup egg whites, 1/2 cup brocolli, 1/4 cup beets (95 cal)

1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt, 1/4 cup non fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup strawberries (125 cal)

 A.M. Snack-

plum (30 cal)


protein shake   (90 cal)

 P.M. Snack- restaurant

dry turkey burger, 1/2 bun, tomato (300 cal)

salad bar ( 200 cal) 


2.3 oz roasted chicken (110 cal)

1 roasted yellow beet( 22 cal) 


1 cup high fiber cereal, 1/3 cup rasberries, 1/4 cup non fat vanilla yogurt (water added to mimic milk)(210 cal)


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