2/15/13-Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 11. February 2013 09:00

       Topic of the day, Cooking on the fly.  I did thisthe other night and my family loved it.  I saw a recipe in an old cookbook I had, written by Food network star, Sandra Lee.  It called for sherry (I didn’t have any).  It called for penne (my son loves tortellini).  It called for mushrooms (my kids pick them out).  You might say, “Make a different recipe!”, but the skeleton of this one sounded yummy.

I substituted marsala for sherry (what doesn’t taste good with marsala?).  I substituted par-boiled Brussels sprouts for the mushrooms ( we like Brussels sprouts…no, I wasn’t punishing themJ)  Of course I made my son his beloved tortellini ( I substituted brown rice for my dinner.  I don’t love tortellini and nutrition wise, brown rice far outweighs white pasta).  I baked some chicken and threw that in at the end.  I mixed ¼ chicken broth (they called for beef broth), with ¼ cup low calorie sour cream and added the sour cream in the last 5 minutes of cook time.

It turned out great, and though it only took a bit of organization (cooking the chicken before the real cook time began), it took 15 minutes to throw together, but it tasted really special.  Be creative in your cooking.  Use what you have in a pinch.  Manga!


2/4 - Thursday Workout:

Recumbent bike- 30 minutes

Strength train- chest/legs

flat bench chest dumbbell press- 20 lb

quad squat- 20 lb

flat bench dumbbell flye-15 lb

stiff-legged dead lift- E-Z bar + 29 lb

Standing lateral lunge( opposing foot balanced on stability ball)+ 10 lb

standing chest push- 1 tube

2/4- Thursday Food Diary:


apple (57 cal)

carb master yogurt, fresh mango (175 cal) 

A.M. Snack-

grapefruit ( 40 cal)

10 organic roasted, no salt almonds ( 97 cal)


 4 oz tuna steak (165 cal)

salad- 1 cup organic spinach, 2 oz non fat feta, 1 tbls sunflower seeds,1 orange sweet pepper (97 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese, 1/4 cup blueberries (100  cal)


4.5 oz. pork chop (257 cal) 

1/4 quino (55 cal)

1/2 cup sauté zucchini, yellow squash in EVOO extra virgin olive oil ( 57 cal)


no sugar added chocolate pudding, 1/4 cup bluberries (80 cal)

TOTAL- 1240


Paula's Healthy Living

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