5/6/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Thursday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 6. May 2013 22:16

The comparison that people do of pregnant women is UNREAL!  No wonder I'm so paranoid about not gaining too much weight, or looking too big.  It's people in our society that certainly give moms-to-be a complex!  Another teacher at my school is due in two weeks.  She looks great - she just finally starting suffering from water weight in her feet.  Other than this she's really gained weight nowhere else other than her belly.  This teacher is constantly being compared by other teachers about how great she looks and how they have friends due after her that just look miserable.  Comments about how swollen their friends are (I'm guilty of this too) and how shocked when they compare the two women.  I think it is definitely a natural thing to compare but wow, it has definitely given me a complex.  I have some family that keeps saying how "small" I am for 17 weeks and other members that compare me to their friends and say how "huge" I am for 17 weeks.  I'm pathetic, of course I hear the "huge" comments and I instantly freak out.  I ask my husband, "Well what did they mean huge?  Huge like my belly or huge like I've gained a ton of weight?"  LOL, I go online and start searching all my friends week by week photo's to make sure I'm "normal." 

I know there are sane women out there reading all this and shouting, "MY GOD, WOMAN, YOU'RE PREGNANT...OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO GET HUGE! RELAX!"  But, there have to be plenty of other women out there that are stressed about weight like me and have no clue about pregnancy because it's their first time.  I say to all you ladies and men out there that vocally assert your comparisons of pregnant women (and me included now that I know what it's like!) SHUT UP.  We don't want to hear your negative input unless you're going to say we look good.  Stretch the truth if you have to, our hormones are raging as it is, and we don't need any extra criticism freaking us out!


Breakfast -

Lean Pocket Sausage and Egg

3/4 cup of strawberries

1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch -

2 oz. pasta with red beans


Fat-free yogurt

Snack -


Dinner -

2 oz. Laura's Lean Beef hamburger on whole wheat bun

Asparagus with 1 tbsp. butter and seasoning

Snack -

100 calorie popcorn

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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