8/03/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

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I love all the wonderful seasonal produce and fruit of the summer!  I have an organic farm next door, and their tomato's are amazing!  At 26 calories for a tomato, they’re a super healthy addition to breakfast ( in eggs), lunch (on salads, or a sandwich), pr dinner (just sliced on a plate).

Grapefruit, peaches (wash peaches  thoroughly because they are sprayed with pesticides unless they’re organic),  and watermelon are delicious.  I love just taking a cutting board and knife outside to cut open a watermelon, while the kids are outside playing, and enjoy a slice.  Filled with water, watermelon fills you up, while being packed with nutrition. 

The list could go on all day…corn, green beans, squash, lettuces and greens.  Try roasting veggies on a grill or in a 400 degree oven for 16 minutes, or just cut corn when raw and sprinkle over salads or a plateful of tomato's.  Mango!

 8/03/10- Tuesday Workout :


 8/03/10 - Tuesday  Food Diary:


Apple (57 cal)

Soy protein powder (90 cal)

 1/2 cup berries(40 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 apple (87 cal)

12 organic, dry roasted, no-salt almonds (100 cal)


4 oz Tilapia(100 cal)

5 asparagus spears, 2 cups mixed greens, 1 oz fat-free feta (65 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

13 oz smoked salmon with goat cheese(160 cal)


Chicken breast 2.5 oz., brocolli, madeira sauce, onions, garlic (220cal)

1/2 cup brown rice ( 120 cal) 


Homemade popcorn- ( 90 cal)

1 large mango (120 cal)


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