9/18/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 19. September 2013 09:37

Someone needs to tell me if this is normal:  feeling absolutely miserable the last month?.  I'm horribly uncomfortable and it feels as if a bowling ball has been placed between my legs and I'm expected to walk like that.  I hate complaining because a lot of my blogs have been negative with all the symptoms I have had.  But, I'm not going to ignore legitimate things that are going on.  For example, frequent contractions, extreme pressure in the pelvic area, constant discharge (absolutely disgusting - but doc says it's good because it is a sign the cervix is continuing to enlarge), leaking of the breasts, zero to no sleep, sharp kicks that have bruised my ribs, peeing every 20 minutes, not being able to shave without help because I can hardly bend over, having my husband tie my shoes, swelling of the feet and hands for no apparent reason, having a difficult time having any clothes fit at all because my belly has gotten so big, and my favorite:  not being able to sit for long periods of time because our son jacks me in the ribs constantly so the only way to be comfortable is by laying on my side (which is not conducive to social settings).  Not all of these are painful but they are life altering, make me feel helpless, and overall just frustrated that I am unable to take care of basic things by myself.  Thank goodness there are only three more weeks!


Breakfast - 

100 cal English Muffin, 1/4 cup Break-free eggs, 1 Morning Star Veggie Sausage

3/4 cup blueberries

1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

1 cup low-sodium Progresso Chicken Noodle

1 low-fat string cheese


Fat-free yogurt

Snack - 


Dinner - 


BBQ Chicken Salad (approximately 3 oz. BBQ Chicken, iceberg, green onions, cheese, cucumbers, tomato) 2 tbsp. light ranch

1 whole wheat roll

Snack - 

None - I was too full after dinner

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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