11/23/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 24. November 2013 18:41


Surviving the Holidays without Becoming a Turkey! Part 1:

We talk often about tricks that you can use to survive holiday, work and social parties without chucking all the clean eating principles that we know.  Today and tomorrow we will look at some guidelines to follow to enjoy your holiday and not lose your progress, or your mind with lots of food, drink, and family!

1.       Schedule at least a walk or 30 minutes of cardio or weight training.  This will help you survive the mental stress of holiday ‘togetherness’.

2.       Remember that we should try to find something we are grateful for, even when your family or kids are pushing your emotional buttons.  Your good health…the progress you have made in your life eating plan…how good you look!

3.        Drink lots of water.  Planes dehydrate you and alcohol does as well.  Carry your water bottle with you.  It will also help you not confuse thirst for hunger.

4.       Don’t let anyone “strongly encourage “, you to eat a super sugary pie or fried turkey if you don’t want to.  Explain your work that you’ve been doing to improve your health, and ask them to help support you in your choices.

5.       Try to eat white meat over dark.  Try to reduce the gravy you indulge in.  Gravy is just flour, salt turkey fat and broth.  High in calories.  Enjoy the stuffing, just not a heaping serving spoon full.  Eat some raw vegetables or have a salad with your dinner if it’s available.

6.        Try to get a good- night’s sleep if you can.  It will help you manage the stress of get togethers better.

Tomorrow we will discuss some more tools to use to feel good about the holiday, the special family moments and yourself when the holiday weekend is over.  See you then (remember to “like “ this blog on facebook, or send a copy of it to your friends and family.  Thanks.


Tuesday  11/23/10- Workout DIary

Recumbent bike- 30 min

Strength train- Chest

Lying chest press- 15 lb

pilaties magic circle

push ups

chest flye-15lb

single dumbbell chest push- 20 lb 

chest press- 4 plates, universal equiptment

 Tuesday 11/23/10- Food Diary


1 cup egg whites (120 cal)

Organic steel cut oats(150 cal.)

1/8 cup blackberries, blueberries (30 cal) 

1 apple (67 cal)

A.M. Snack-

protein shake with 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (160 cal) 


4 oz salmon (120 cal)

Salad- 2 cup spinach, 1/2 sweet pepper,2 tbls black beans, 2 oz fat free feta (159 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 whole wheat English muffin (100 cal)

apple slices, low fat cheddar slices (110 cal)

2 oz low sodium sliced turkey (50 cal)


 4 oz pork loin (180 cal)


1 cup cauliflower(25 cal)

1/2 cup whole wheat cous cous, with pesto (149 cal)


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