1/4/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 4. January 2014 20:49

For some reason when I go to bed at night I have flash backs to weird sensory things that I went through when I was pregnant.  For example, I always needed ice cold water.  I don't mean that the water had to contain a few cubes; the water had to be packed with ice cubes so that it was freezing.  I was always so hot all the time so I don't know if this had something to do with it but my thirst was never quenched.  I downed water constantly.  I carried a huge jug of water to school because I was in constant fear of being parched.  Not only for the fact that I would have a dry mouth but being that thirsty usually left me feeling nauseous.  At night I had to make sure I filled a 36 oz. cup of water overflowing with ice so that each time I got up to go to the bathroom I could somehow try and quench this annoying thirst.  It never was quenched until I gave birth.

I mentioned in previous blogs how cold I kept the house but it was beyond that; I needed the overhead fan at full blast along with the box fan blowing directly onto my face.  Something about the constant stream of air helped me feel like I could breathe.  Without it the room felt stifling and there was no way I could fall asleep.  I think this is why these flashbacks occur before bed.  I am always remembering how I need the air flow before I fell asleep.

It was strange, I also HATED vegetables.  It took everything in me to be able to swallow a few pieces of broccoli now and then.  But, the minute I gave birth I didn't mind them again.  That night in the hospital I even ate a plate full of salad; this was pretty much forced during my pregnancy and I was instantly back to loving it again.  I can remember eating dinner in the hospital cafeteria after our son was born and feeling free for the first time in a long time; my plate was piled high with veggies.  I was beaming because during my pregnancy I was worried I would never be able to eat them again.  Pregnancy certainly does strange and crazy things to your body!  It's unlike anything I ever could have imagined!

Breakfast - 

JC Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich


1 cup fat-free organic milk

Snack - 

JC Peanut Butter Anytime Bar

Lunch -

JC Chicken Stuffed Sandwich

Cauliflower with fat-free ranch

Snack - 


Dinner - 

JC Chicken Parmesan

Broccoli with 1 tbsp. light ranch

Snack - 

JC Lemon Cake

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