02/15/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 13. February 2014 13:20


One negative effect of the P90X DVD’s for me is that when I do the chest tape, there are a lot of pushups and they are making my right shoulder sore.  The right side of my body is 1) tighter than the left, 2) more prone to injury- my wrist and elbow and when my back used to go out regularly ( before I embraced regular strength training) it was tighter on this side), 3) is weaker than the left.  The positive effect of the DVD’s is that I’m getting stronger to do more push-ups and there is a reduction in the ‘pinch test’ measurement that my trainer utilizes to measure me with,  around the bra flab area ( to the inside of my arm pit, and top outside of my breast area). 

I have begun to substitute incline dumbbell presses and flat bench dumbbell flyes.  This will allow me to continue with my training, while protecting my rotator cuff from further injury.  This article specifies baseball players, but it describes well the type of injury I’m speaking of: http://www.cincinnati.md/articlepage_cn.aspx?cn-documentid=636892&query=rotator cuff injury&s=1&cat=con . 

Training should NOT cause you pain.  If it does, try another angle or exercise.   If you’re at a gym, a crossover pulley sweep really works the pectoralis major (chest muscle), anterior deltoid (shoulder to top of biceps) and triceps brachii. 

Also, be mindful of your nutrition if you want to see results in terms of increased muscle tone and strength.

Saturday 02/12/11 Workout Diary:

P90X- back/legs

P90X- ab ripper X

Saturday 02/12/11 Food Diary:


 ½ cup non fat cottage cheese (45 cal.)

1 1/2 cups egg whites(120 cal.)

2 pieces Ezekial bread with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray (160 cal)


  5oz mahi mahi, 1/2 each of red,  yellow pepper, chopped, 2 tbls Uda oil, spices, lemon zest, 2 tbls lemon juice (500 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

1 low-carb, whole wheat tortilla, 1 " square goat cheese, 4 slices of apple (190 cal.)

Dinner-Valentine dinner

 Sea bass with no added oils, over sobo noodles

1 whole wheat bagette, balsamic vinegar for dipping

Spinach salad, light cheese, light balsamic dressing


3/4 cup mixed berries  1 cup greek yogurt and non-fat whip topping (140 cal.)

 *TOTAL CALORIES- can't count since didn';t know exact #'s from dinner

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