Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Part 2

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 14. February 2014 09:16

drs. g and m pearsall

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a popular subject in the media.  Most recently we have been finding that athletes are learning about the benefits of HBOT and applying its affects on strength, conditioning and athletic performance.  The following professional athletes have been known to use this therapy and according to some clinics many of these athletes are using portable chambers for home use and also take them on the road.  This technology is not restricted to just elite athletes, anyone who is interested should check their local listings for a Physician who prescribes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

NFL:  Tim Tebow, Terrell Owens, Eric Beverly, Michael Vick, Keion Carpenter, Todd Weiner, Ed Hartwell, Jimmy Farris, Karon Riley, Travis Hall, Gibril Wilson, Plaxico Burress , Jeremy Shockey, Tony Parrish, Jamie Winborn, Rod Gardner, Shawn Springs, Zach Thomas, Jerome Pathon, Bryan Robinson, Madieu Williams, Dexter McCleon, Kevin Burnett, Verron Hayes, Bill Flowers, Michael Lawson, Jimmy Brumbaugh, Trace Armstrong.

MLB:  John Smoltz, Brian Jordan, Ryan Klesco .

NBA: Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, Charlie Ward.

NHL:  Mario Lemieux, Garnet Exelby, Yannick Tremblay.

BOXING:  Evander Holyfield

EQUINE: {Yes, Race Horses receive HBOT!}:  Vindication, Dancing Blossom

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