Pediatric Dental Tip #2

by Dr. Katie Lubitz Stewart 25. April 2014 09:07

Children should begin seeing a pediatric dentist by their first birthday! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit the dentist 6 months after the first baby tooth erupts, or, on average, by age one. This allows the dentist to make sure your child is developing normally and also allows the dentist to recognize early signs of decay. If cavities are found early they can be easily fixed before they cause your child pain. Another bonus about visiting the dentist early is that it allows your child to establish a relationship with the dentist. If they ever suffer from a trauma to the mouth, the visit can be less scary if you are already friends with the pediatric dentist!

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Bodybuilding Diets
Bodybuilding Diets
4/25/2015 5:00:33 PM #

Getting them used to seeing the dentist is the biggest thing. They see the horror stories in movies and even in cartoons. Let them see the truth.

send voice sms
send voice sms
4/26/2015 8:26:59 AM #

Thanks katie for  information regarding pediatric dental, you had provided a good glimpse of Dental.

Muscle Building Diets
Muscle Building Diets
4/28/2015 2:35:49 PM #

Today's dentists help to make the visit fun for children. They have toys, movies, and decorations that appeal to the children.

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