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by Dr. Charles Bell 11. May 2014 13:17

dr. charles bell

Zoom Bleaching: This technique utilizes light activated bleach and is done in-office.  A protective barrier is placed on the gums and glasses are worn to protect your eyes from the uv light.  The total bleaching time is about one hour with the bleach being replaced 4 times during the procedure.  This technique has more power than the others, but also can potentially be more sensitive.  Usually fluoride is recommended for up to 2 weeks prior to the procedure and normally Motrin or Tylenol is recommended at the appointment.  I personally had no problems during the procedure, but experienced some tinges of pain for a few hours after.  The results of this one session are normally better than the 1 month at home.  The cost of this technique is from $600 to $800.

Kor Deep Bleaching: A relatively new technique that utilizes both in-office and home tray technique.  Different types of bleach are used in this protocol as well as 2 weeks of home bleaching in between the two office visits.   This technique has proven to be the most effective on the most challenging cases. The developer of this technique Dr. Rod Kurthy believes that the use of different types of bleach as well as the bleach being shipped and stored cold creates a more potent and effective bleaching result.  We have achieved some very nice results with this technique.  The cost for this procedure is $1000 to $1500.

Maintenance is recommended to maintain the results. Regardless of the technique used, usually patients will maintain their results over time with some periodic home bleaching.  Although I do have some patients that prefer not to touch up with trays and just come in and ZOOM every few years.  Although there is the potential for sensitivity in the bleaching process and an unknown “bleachability” for each individual, bleaching is a fairly noninvasive technique that can literally turn back the clock and create a significant change in ones smile.  There are other options in terms of smile design that we will discuss at another time, but the bleaching process can yield impressive results for a little effort and reasonable amount of money.

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