Hormonal Confusion - Drs. G & M Pearsall

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 23. June 2014 11:00

Most men and women are fearful and confused about aging and hormone replacement. In July 2002 millions of American women who took the popular synthetic hormone replacement drug Prempro were suddenly told to stop because of the risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart disease. Luckily, none of our Anti-Aging patients had to endure that shock and abruptly stop taking their hormones. Why? Simple fact: there is nothing in common between the hormones produced in your body and the hormones causing all of these side effects. Both estrogen and progestin which were subjects of the medical reports, showing such bad outcomes are patented, chemically altered synthetic hormonal imposters (such as Premarin, Prempro etc.). Premarin is a synthetic estrogen made to resemble that found in a horse. Horse estrogen is foreign to the human body and has a significant side effect profile. For years Dr. Pearsall has cautioned women about the dangers of synthetic, horse-like hormone substitutes. Instead we emphasize natural hormones that are precise replicas of your own human hormones. We use them to prolong the optimum hormonal balance that you have in your thirties and the results are magnificent.

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