Tingling in your fingers is not always Carpal Tunnel

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 15. July 2014 12:06

Today a patient came to me complaining of tingling in her thumb and pointer finger. The tingling would come and go, but she noticed it was worse when she shrugged her shoulders or lifted her arm above her head. I palpated the bones in her neck and found a misalignment at C6, one of the last bones in her neck. These findings made perfect sense to me. The nerves that exit her spine at that level travel down the outside of the arm to the thumb. The misalignment in her spine was rubbing and irritating the nerve which was causing her to feel the tingling in her thumb and pointer finger. After a gentle, specific chiropractic adjustment the tingling was gone and she was able to move her arm freely without any complaints.

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The Spinal Column

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