Importance of Selenium Supplementation - Drs. G & M Pearsall

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 18. July 2014 13:37

A new study suggest that selenium supplementation, when taken after exercise may reduce the markers of oxidative stress, especially for overweight people. 

A dose of selenium taken immediately after exercise showed a marked decrease in the level of lipid hydroperoxides.  Lipid hydroperoxides are non-radical intermediates derived from unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterols, and some lipids.  Their formation occurs in lipid peroxidation which is responsible for toxic effects in the body seen in oxidative tissue damage. 

Selenium is a macronutrient that functions as an antioxidant.  Selenium is also associated with a reduction in the risk of thyroid, bladder and prostate cancers.   Dietary selenium comes from meat, nuts, cereals, mushrooms, eggs and fish.  The average intake of selenium in the UK has fallen from 60 to 34 micrograms per day.  The European recommended daily intake is 65 micrograms, the upper limit is 300 micrograms per day.  Our physicians highly recommend daily supplementation of selenium as another tool to help prevent age related diseases.

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