Movement is More Important to Health than you may Realize

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 28. July 2014 09:55

Today's society has replaced running, riding bikes, and playing basketball with watching TV and playing video games. Though there is definitely a time for relaxation, there is also most definitely a time to get up and move. A lack of motion leads to decay and destruction. There are examples of this all around us. If a flowing stream is halted it becomes stagnant and infested with bacteria. If a car is not driven the tires will eventually begin to rot. If a child no longer rides his bicycle and it sits in the front yard the chain will begin to rust.

​Humans are no exception. If bones are not moved and stressed they grow weak and osteoporosis sets in. If the heart is not stressed it grows weaker and does not pump blood as hard or as well. If muscles are not moved and stressed they will "turn off" and begin to atrophy. If joints are not moved the fluid in the joint capsule that lubricates the joint begins to dry up and the joint will degenerate.

​Get out and move today and make you heart stronger, your bones stronger, your joints looser, your blood flow better, and burn some extra calories. Your health depends on it.

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