10/16/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 17. October 2014 08:07


The teenage brain is a fascinating, complicating, evolving entity that can be confusing for the young person, and maddening to their parents.  The difficult aspect is that the qualities that are hard for parents to manage are important for the long-term, positive evolution of the teenage brain. 


Scans of developing adolescent brains that have been published from the National Institutes of Health, show that brains undergo “a massive reorganization” between the 12th and 25th year (National Geographic- October, 2011).  At this age the brain has almost reached its full physical size, and it just grows in its thickness.  But the brain undergoes reworking, and upgrading.


During this time the adolescent increases their risk taking, rejection of authorities in an effort to create their own identity, and dependence on a pier group as the dominant influence for their behavior.  Though these shifts can be a challenge for parents, teachers, and care givers, it is an essential process for the proper development of the young person’s personality, and cognitive skills.


The brain evolves in waves from back-to-front development which is completed in their mid-20s.  If these steps that are so challenging to those around them aren’t taken, humans wouldn’t be as smart as they are.   A difficult explanation to live with, but important to know.   



 10/16/11- Sunday Exercise Diary:

jumping on trampoline with the boys- 45 minutes

Kickboxing DVD- 45 minutes

10/16/11-Sunday Food Diary:

7:00-1 cup large egg whites, organic spinach, onions, tomato (120 cal)

2 pieces Bread (whole wheat, I'm using Ezekial bread from the organic freezer section. It has no glutens, and low sugar and salt) (160 cal)

11 a.m.-whey protein shake (160 cal)

2 p.m.-3 oz. Beef ( sirloin broiled and trimmed) (176 cal)

3 oz sweet potato ( baked)

8 oz green vegetables, assorted ( raw or steamed)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)

6 p.m.- 3 oz Fish, tuna steak (grilled) (141 cal)

3 oz. corn ( thawed, not cooked)

8 oz cauliflower ( steamed) (74 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)

8 p.m.- 3 oz chicken breast ( roasted)

8 oz. green vegetables (raw or steamed) (88 cal)

3 oz quinoa or brown rice (101 cal)


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