11/15/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 13. November 2014 05:42

There are quality exercises that you can easily do at home or on the road with a band and some furniture.




1.       Chair dips- Great workout for your triceps.  Find a stable chair and keep your bottom close to the edge of the chair to keep the exercise from moving into your shoulders.




2.       Back fly- Targets shoulders, chest and abs.  Sit on the floor with a straight back and lift your feet off the floor by 4 inches. Wrapping a tube or band around the leg of a heavy couch, lift your arms straight out to the sides, keeping your gluteus and abs engaged.  Repeat 12 times.




3.       Shoulder Front raises.  You can hook the bands under your feet or around the leg or a couch.  Methodically with straight arms, lift them shoulder high.




4.       Squat and raise- Hook the band under your feet.  Move down into a squat and as you raise you can move into a biceps curl or a shoulder raise.




5.       Wood chop- Hook the band around a heavy sofa leg, with your feet 2 feet away, shoulder width apart.  Reach down toward the leg of the sofa then pivot away up above the opposite shoulder, holding for a 2 second count, then return down.  Do this 15 times on each side.




6.       Bridge lift- Rest your heels on the edge of the couch with your back 2 feet from the edge.  Peel your back up one vertebra at a time till your back to on a straight plain with your feet.  Then, slowly peel down, engaging each region of your core.  Repeat 12 to 20 times.




7.       Triceps kickback.  Hoop the band under your feet, and bend forward at the torso keeping your abs engaged and back flat.  Kick your arms back toward your bottom, holding the extension at the top for 2-3 seconds.  Return.




8.       Back row.  Hook your tube or band under the heavy sofa leg, and sit back far enough to get a good burn.  You can raise your elbows up to your ears to reach your upper back, or waist high to reach your lower back.  Be methodical about the movement, and hold at the top.




9.       Decline push-ups.  Put your toes on the edge of the couch and do push-ups with hands on the floor.




10.   Abs side-to-sides’.   Stand with feet hip width apart.  Put hands behind your head and move side to side reaching toward your feet with your elbow.  You should feel this in the transverse abdominal muscles.




With Thanksgiving approaching and holidays coming up that require travel for many, develop a plan for you time.  Even if that requires that you hook up with family later, do that for your sanity and best long-term health!






Saturday 4/3/10 Workout Diary:


walk on street- 30 minutes


Saturday 11/12/11 Food Diary:




Steel cut organic oatmeal (150 cal)(eaten mid morning)


1 cup egg whites with handful of organic spinach, mushrooms, brocolli slaw (130 cal)


A.M. Snack-


1 scoop whey protein, mixed into oatmeal (125 cal)




4 oz orange roughy ( 90 cal)


Salad- 2 cups organic spinach, 9 roasted hazelnuts, handful spagetti squash, 1 slice swiss cheese, balsamic spray, 1 tbls EVOO (130 cal)


3 oz quinoa (150 cal)


P.M. Snack-


8 oz 0 % Greek  yogurt, with strawberries ( 150 cal)




3 oz.chicken marsala (380 cal)


1 cup green beans, 1/2 tsp EVOO, sliced no-salt almonds (120 cal)


small salad with balsamic vinegar (40 cal)



2 glasses wine ( 200 cal)

skinny cow ice cream bar ( 110 cal)



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