04/26/15- Paula's Healthy Living Exercise/Eating Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 27. April 2015 19:32

I believe that the healthiest way to eat is to avoid processed foods and to eat foods as close to the source as you can.  But the reality is that processed foods are in every American household pantry and you need to learn to buy them smartly.


When trying to pick pre-packaged foods, there are a lot of benefits to consumers in become mindful and utilizing the nutritional information on the back of food packaging. But, as is true for any consumer product, you really have to read this info carefully.  Compare and contrast ingredients and nutritional benefits of any product. 


Look at ‘serving sizes’ on the labels.  They are often more serving per container than you would have thought (canned soups are often 2 servings per can). 


Look and compare sodium and sugar per serving.  Too much of either of these can lead to a whole host of health issues such as Diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.


Read the listed ingredients.  The list starts with the ingredient there is the most of in the product and decreases as the ingredients decrease, so if the third ingredient is high fructose corn syrup than it isn’t a healthy product.


There have been efforts made to make these labels more informative and clear to understand.  These labels provide the important information for you as a consumer to make an informed decision about what to eat and how to fuel your body in a healthy way.


Bottom line=buyer beware!


 04/26/12- Workout: Thursday

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes

Strength Train- Triceps/shoulders ( 50's)-do 1 set and 50 reps

Triceps kickback- 5lb

Straight arm shoulder raise-2lb

Standing triceps extension- 8lb

Bent arm shoulder raise- 5 lb.

Standing triceps pushdown- 1 tube

Sit ups on big inflatable ball

Standing triceps extension- 1 band

Straight arm should raise- directed 1/4 turn out- 1 tube

04/26/12-Thursday- Food Diary:


1 cup eggg whites cooked with brocolli slaw, mushrooms, organic spinach (130 cal) *

*to cook my eggs, I spray a bowl with non-stick spray.  I put the veggies and spices in and pour egg whites over.  I microwave for 2 minutes, stir, cook 2 minutes.  I cook it this way to save time and cleaning time because I have 3 kids to feed and get ready for school

whey protein shake (125 cal)

1/2 cup berries(40 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 apple (87 cal)

12 organic, dry roasted, no-salt almonds (100 cal)


4 oz Tilapia(100 cal)

5 asparagus spears, 2 cups mixed greens, 1 oz fat-free feta (65 cal)

P.M. Snack-

3 oz smoked salmon with goat cheese(160 cal)

, 8 whole wheat crackers (80 cal)


Minestrone soup( 140cal)

3.5 oz. salmon, wild caught (120 cal)

saute' mushrooms with rosemary olive oil, and balsamic glaze (150 cal)

1/2 cup brown/wild rice (220 cal)


Homemade popcorn- ( 90 cal)




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