The answer to the question, "Why in the world would you offer up a body part to someone you don't know"

by Kate 5. May 2015 23:06

I'm assuming after reading my biography you're wondering what inspired me to "save a life."  We're going to take it back to where everything began.  Years ago I was obsessed with television shows like Grey's Anatomy and House.  After watching seasons after seasons, there has always been one specific episode that has completely had me from the first two minutes.  It was an episode of Grey's Anatomy that had a "domino surgery" performed.  This is a surgery that is done with multiple donors and recipients who all match one another just not the person that they had ideally set up to donate to.  It's a miraculous type of surgery but more difficult nonetheless.  So side swiping all the crazy show drama (that I LOVE) I was mesmerized by the fact people whom didn't know one another were willing to give a piece of them to someone else and potentially never see them again.  And they were doing all of this out of kind-heartedness. 

That right there was the day I said, "I want to donate a kidney to someone before the day I die." A "bucket list" kind of ordeal.  It all sounded good in theory but I was 16 and still had high school to finish and wanted to further myself in some kind of trade or follow up school with college. But donating a kidney NEVER left the little spot in the back of my head. 

Although that was five years ago, that one thing made a huge impact on my life and is one strong reason as to why I'm making a decision most 21 year olds don't make every day.  I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful man named Joe whom has given me the opportunity of a lifetime.  He's letting me use his website to get my story out and hopefully let others, who may have always thought it was something they would be interested in, have an insight on what being a living donor is truly about.  Ironically, before ever meeting Joe, I used for my own personal use while looking for a new physician to follow up with after my surgery and also a pediatrician for my daughter whom is almost one.  I found terrific reviews that really helped me make decisions on who I would take my child and myself to.  I not only found great physicians but I also found a broad spectrum of medical information that was beyond helpful. 

On kidneys, 33 articles popped up, in addition to 16 other links and different videos.  It's given me tons of insight on things I'm going to have to change about my life after surgery and many other topics.  I couldn't be more thrilled to have the honors of representing YourCity.MD because it has saved me tons of hassle and frustration while looking for one of the most important people you choose to bring into your life, your health care provider!   Be sure you come back for tomorrow's blog on what happens next on my journey into surgery! It has something to do with a cute little kid that will forever change my life as will I change theirs. Smile

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Joe Benza, Jr.
Joe Benza, Jr.
5/6/2015 12:04:14 PM #

Hi Katie,

Though we have yet to meet in person, as this healthcare relationship has been a whirlwind in the last few days since learning of your story, my staff and I want you to know we are truly your biggest fans.  I know the surgery is coming up in several days and I for one will be reading about your experience and feelings on your blog every day, as your #1 fan.

You are the essence of the reasoning behind the creation of these local .MD community websites across America.  

We wanted to surprise you and let you know that we are planning to help you with some of your aftercare medical expenses and starting a fund for you after your surgery is complete.

I urge every fan and viewer to nominate their own local heroes like you in every city (see www.MyCity.MD ), by sending an email to support@YourCity.MD then we will try to give them the same exposure and help to share their story with others.  

Our prayers are with you and the young person you are helping,  

Best Health,
Joe Benza, Jr

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