05/07/15- Paula's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 7. May 2015 20:14

There is a difference between “good-fats” and “bad-fats”.  Good fats are monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats.  You find these in salmon, avocados, walnuts, and vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, and olive oil.  These fats lower your risk of heart disease, and may even help lower the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s disease.  The key is to utilize these mentioned in moderation because they are high in calories.

Bad fats are saturated fats and trans-fats.  Trans-fats, or partially hydrogenated oils, raise LDL and can lower HDL (the good one).  The obvious result of eating too much of ‘bad fats’, is obesity, Diabetes, and heart disease.  The tricky part ties back to the comment about moderation.

Even if you eat too much of the ‘good-fat’ category, you can be faced with the same health consequences that were listed before.  http://www.cincinnati.md/oh/cincinnati/con-article/656146/bad%20fats/certain_foods_said_to_help_lower_bad_cholesterol.htm

Some of the places where bad-fat offenders can be found are in whole-fat dairy, mayonnaise, bacon, sausage and poultry with the skin on, fried foods, pie, cake and other baked goods and packaged foods.  Another category to investigate ingredients are gluten-free products (they use the fat to provide flavor), pasta sauce and packaged snack foods.

Getting a firm understanding about heroes and villains in the fats-world will help you take control of your weight goals and achieve long term health, especially as we age.


Sunday 05/06/12- Exercise Diary:

yoga DVD- 55 minutes


Sunday 05/06/12- Food Diary:



Organic steel cut oats (150 cal)

1 small banana (90 cal)

1 cup egg whites, 2 asparagus spears, onion (140 cal)

A.M. Snack

1 cup 0% Greek yogurt (130 cal)

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese ( 80 cal)

3/4 cup mixed berries (40 cal)

salmon burger, no bun, 1 tbls mango salsa (210 cal)


low-salt homemade chicken soup (150 cal) 

broccoli slaw made wih Greek yogurt, pineapple bits (115 cal)

P.M. Snack-

apple, 2 tbls organic almond butter (210 cal)

1 whole wheat, low-carb tortilla (100 cal)


4 oz scallops (95 cal)

spinach fettuchini with tomatoes, carmelized onion and broth ( 195 cal)


homemade popcorn (90 cal)




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5/7/2015 8:24:17 PM #

Great blog!  So where does one start?  If I am ready to take the step to healthier living, with all the information out there, where do you begin?

5/8/2015 4:58:49 AM #

Great!!!! THAT is the first step- a willingness to change
2. Have the blogs delivered to your e mail, or "like" the blog on Facebook.  Daily reminders give you tips, but you also don't know when what your reading, will affect you in a different way, then the same words the day before.
3.  Make one small change every week ( give up pop, start eating more vegetables, commit to some exercise atleast 3 to 4 days per week- more if you want faster results, get a food scale, make a food diary*, take quiet time away from phones, computers...every day)
4.  Schedule your workout and food preperation into your schedule just as you would a business meeting
5.  Find your support ( family, trainers, friends), and explain to your cirle of influence your plans to healthy-up your life.  Not everyone will be thrilled.  Be compassionate but push through.  They will jump on board, or get out of the way.
6.  Keep in touch- let's go on this quest together

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