Meeting my recipient.

by Kate 7. May 2015 00:38

I was 6 or 7 months pregnant in June/July 2011. We were at a huge pig roast with my fiancé and his father at one of their friends house. This was the first time I met the person whom I'm giving my organ too.  Mind you, at the time I didn't have any clue of this.  My fiancé pointed out a young child I hadn't met or even seen before.  "That kid over there has some type of kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant."
Stunned this young, adorable child wasn't graced with the typical innocence most children receive I replied, "Well could I donate?"  (I've always donated blood and was contemplating putting myself on the bone marrow transplant list after my pregnancy.  I think if you have something that your body can potentially survive without and another human needs it to survive, why not offer?)

Since neither of us were familiar with what a surgery like that consisted of my fiancé told me, "Well I doubt it, it's a kid and you're an adult and it wouldn't happen soon anyway, you can't do it since you're pregnant."  I wouldn't say that after that the subject was neglected or was wanted to be left questionable in either of our minds but how do you go up to a mother and start asking questions about her child's condition.  She didn't have a clue as to who I was and most people get overly protective of their children (understandable of course) and their personal issues.  At that time, my life changed.  I just met a child that would permanently impact my life from that day forward and neither of us had a clue..

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Denise Heyob
Denise Heyob
5/7/2015 4:46:55 AM #

I am a nurse who works in a hospital and everytime I tell other nurses about this journey, their first question is, “which family member is she donating to?” The stunned look on their faces happens when I tell them she is donating to a child in need, and who has been struggling. You see, it is difficult to imagine someone doing something so selfless and with another human being is is not considered family. We are nurses who give our time and energy and compassion all the time to people who are ill, and yet when a story like this comes along, it floors many. When I tell people about it, and I am so proud that my son is with someone who is giving life in more ways than one. She gave us a beautiful grandchild, and now, she is giving life to another human being in need. No words can describe just how much this is going to impact not just a boy, a family, but all those who hear this story, this journey of selfless love.

Nancy Brooks
Nancy Brooks
5/8/2015 12:15:14 AM #

Love this post, Kate! I couldn't remember the first time we seems like we've known you ever since we've been in Cincinnati! But I do remember you & family at the pig roast. You are so right...neither of us had a clue. Hugs to you!

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