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by Kate 6. June 2015 02:15

Day Three of Recovery:  After a rough second night of being tucked into my hospital bed with a new catheter and new IV on top of feeling like I was hit by a semi, I was exhausted in more than one way.  But if you've ever had to sleep in a hospital bed with no ability to move from laying only on your back, you know that sleep is the hardest thing to do.  So after a restless night I was ready for this stay to end sooner than later.

Waking up on day three I did feel somewhat better than the previous day but I still wasn't ANYWHERE near my usual self.  I did move from my bed to my chair which was a quite the beast to tackle.  My appetite still wasn't there and I was living off chicken broth.  I think I may have had maybe one floret of broccoli but other than that chicken broth and water.  

Fortunately for my fiance, I was starting to be a little more social.And by more social I mean asking for shoulder massages to help release the pain caused by the air they use in surgery.  It typically floats up to the shoulder area and causes a lot of pain.  I have been so lucky to have such great family support during post op.  My fiance didn't leave the hospital one time during the stay.  He was so great!  

Day three wasn't much more than pain, healing and pain.  That night I was feeling much better than I did the past couple of nights.  We watched a movie and I actually had an interest in watching rather than blank starring in pain or just sleeping.  I did sleep a bit better because even though I was worn out, I had a slight ease in my pain.

Keep following my blog to see a growth in recovery progress!  If anyone has questions about this procedure, you're more than welcome to post questions on comment portion of the blog!

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6/8/2015 1:09:55 AM #

Hi Katie... can you give us an update on how Vincent has been doing this week in your next blog?


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